Remembering Larry Coryell

Another great musician has passed:  Larry Coryell.  I’ve been listening to Larry since the late 60’s when he was first bringing dramatic “rock-like” guitar playing into jazz.  Check out his solo on Carla Bley’s “Some Dirge” from Gary Burton’s “A Genuine Tong Funeral” (1967).  Also, Larry’s sound-barrier breaking solo on Mike Mantler’s “Communications #9 (1968) from the first Jazz Composer’s Orchestra album.  Larry will be sorely missed.

Some Dirge:

Communications #9:

From Jazz to Jurisprudence and Back Again

We all suffer setbacks in life. Consider the professional athlete with a multi-million-dollar contract. He seems to be on top of the world. Then pop goes the hamstring. While some injuries are career ending, others can be career altering…

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